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Temple Candles

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Honey bees work very hard during the summer months to bring us such delicious honey and other amazing products. Local, fresh and 100% natural.


Wildflower Honey

Our wildflower honey comes from the fields and forests of Georgian Bay. Unpasteurized and 100% pure Ontario honey.

Choose from 6 different sizes;

Pails                               Jars

30lbs = $167.00           1kg = $15.00

16lbs = $90.00             500g = $9.00

3kg = $38.00                300g = $7.00

*Prices may change without notice


*Not always available

Creamed Honey

This melt on your tongue creamy honey is a perfect spread. Enjoy it on your toast or simply with a spoon.

500g = $10.00

300g = $8.00

Creamed Cinnamon Honey

Enjoy the same smooth texture of creamed honey with an added bonus of cinnamon flavour. 

300g = $8.00

Buckwheat Honey

A rich dark amber coloured honey with a strong aroma of malt and molasses. It is rich in polyphenol antioxidants which gives it its rich colour, 

500g = $9.00

300g = $7.00


A delicacy for any honey lover. Collected from the hive, cut to size then placed in containers, that's it, no processing, no separating. 100% raw honey. Enjoy this treat by the spoonful, add it to your charcuterie board to impress your guests or give as a gift. 

$12.00 per container

Beeswax Candles

Made with 100% beeswax, these candles are slow burning and help with air purification by eliminating dust particles and impurities in your home. 


Small bee skep $5.00

4.3cm / 1.7" tall x 4cm / 1.6" wide 

Burn time 6-7 hours


Large bee skep $8.00

 2″ x 2.5″

Burn time 20-25 hours


Heart shaped



Burn time 5-6 hours



Leaf Ornament $3.00


This lovely leaf ornament will look beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree, in the window as a sun catcher or apart of a gift basket for a friend. 



$1.75 each

4 for $6.00


Burn time10-12 hours

Small owl



Burn time 6-7 hours

Wolf (Loup de Lafontaine)



Burn time 20-25 hours

Tea light Owl


Simply insert a battery operated tea light and enjoy the glow!


Pine Tree



Burn time 60-70 hours

Also available in green


Hexagon with bee print



Burn time 25-30 hours



3"x4" (large)


2.25"x3.75" (medium)


2"x3" (small)



Burn times vary per pillar

60-120 hours

Tapered Candles

These traditional hand dipped candles come in 3 different sizes and are sold in pairs. 










Burn times vary per tapered

8-14 hours


Candle Bloom

The dull white powdery finish that appears on the surface of pure beeswax (over time) is referred to as “Bloom”.  It is a characteristic of pure beeswax candles, and bloom is a sign of the purity of beeswax candles.  

For those who prefer their candles smooth and shiny, bloom can be easily removed by blowing warm air from a hair dryer over the wax

Logo in colour without bubble or bee.jpg

Denise Graham not only manages Bonnie Bee Honey but she decided to add some spice to the mix with starting up her own small business, Lady D's

From soaps to lip balms, every single product we sell is healthy and locally-produced. We are enchanted by the world of honey bees, and committed to raising awareness about the importance of this special insect. Browse the Lady D's site to learn more about our vision, our mission, and our exciting activities. 


The Balm! bee balm

1 oz $6.50

2 oz $12.00

This balm can be used for more than your dry skin! Treat cracked dog paws, heal a cut or seal your wooden cutting board! 



Lip Balm

$4.00 each

Treat your lips with Lady D's "Sweet Lips" lip balm. Made with 100% beeswax, coconut oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, Aloe vera oil, Melaleuca oil and vitamin E. 


Beeswax Food Wraps

$14.00 for a 2 pack

These food wraps are eco friendly and compostable! The perfect alternative to plastic wrap. 

2 sizes, 9x9 and 12x12


Goats Milk Honey Soap

$3.00 each 

Goats milk and honey! Two amazing products with many health benefits. This soap will leave your hands feeling soft and replenished. 

Also available

Goats Milk Honey and Oat


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